Trained to the highest levels to offer the complete package

Kirstall Services & Expertise

Kirstall's expertise in all areas of column turnarounds allows it to offer the full range of services for its customers.

Its multi-national, on-site team is trained to the highest levels to offer the complete package on every project.


Kirstall Limited has the experience, the talent and the equipment to provide a total column shutdown service, regardless of size or scope. From entire plants to single columns, Kirstall's customers trust them with the full spectrum of shutdown services.

Whether shutdowns are required for maintenance, repair or installation, it's a major project that demands total professionalism and faultless execution.

Kirstall Limited provides the experience, project management, skilled workforce and specialist equipment to complete the job safely and on time.


If any column on your plant is suffering from poor performance, it's critical that it's dealt with as a priority.

Kirstall Limited can assist with many aspects of column turnaround repairs. From nozzles and strip lining to new tower sections, Kirstall's expert repair work is of the highest standard, and executed in accordance with all international standards.


There's no margin for error in this industry. Every piece of equipment must be 100% functional, with absolutely no exceptions.

Experienced Kirstall engineers provide meticulous on-site inspections, ensuring total safety and efficiency, before providing a detailed breakdown of their findings and suggestions.

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With complex and high-specification equipment, the safeguarding of these component parts is essential to the continuation of your plant performance.

To keep your facility running at peak efficiency, Kirstall technicians also specialise in maintaining any existing column and tower equipment. Working closely with industry-leading equipment manufacturers, Kirstall Limited can furnish you with the right trays, internals, and hardware to keep production at a maximum.

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It's not enough just to provide and fit high-quality parts.

Kirstall Limited's ultimate goal is total customer satisfaction, at every stage of the client relationship. From technical supervision to full revamps, Kirstall will go above and beyond to provide the perfect solution.

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