Offering unparalleled service from years of experience

Kirstall Maintenance Services

Kirstall Limited prides itself in providing the full spectrum of column and tower maintenance, honed from years of experience, using high-quality parts from trusted suppliers


Revamping of towers is a core aspect of Kirstall Limited's activities. Years of experience means that Kirstall technicians can offer unparalleled service in terms of:

  • External tower extensions
  • Column section replacement
  • External over plating
  • Modifications to tower attachments
  • Installation of new tower attachments
  • Installation of tray and internals

Kirstall can respond to any tower-related requests you may have, or can alternatively suggest and implement the best actions to fulfil your requirements.


The senior management at Kirstall has experience in the industry spanning four decades, before becoming founded as Kirstall Limited in 2005. The Kirstall workforce also have decades of experience in all areas of the shutdown and turnaround processes.

Extremely well-respected in the industry, Kirstall Limited has gained its iron-clad reputation through winning repeat contracts with global customers such as:


Kirstall Limited knows that in this industry, it's important to stay flexible to your customers' needs. If your tower or column needs have changed, Kirstall's expertise extends to the modification or revamp of any existing equipment. In many cases, Kirstall can modify your internals to fulfil new requirements at a fraction of the cost of installing new equipment.
Simply get in touch and a team member can discuss your exact needs with you.


Complementing its hands-on installation, revamp, manufacturing and repair services, Kirstall has also developed a complete high-level suite of capabilities, consisting:

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Subcontract management
  • Complete project work execution
  • Third-party inspection
  • Worldwide technical assistance
  • Work scope analysis and planning
  • Management teams
  • Safety officers and planners
  • Technical supervision
  • Spade isolation
  • Supply of tradespersons
  • Training and RPE face fits
  • Supply of spares and replacement parts


Kirstall is committed to going to any lengths to provide its customers with specialist distillation equipment spares.

Kirstall's relationship with leading equipment manufacturers enables them to meet customer demands for spares, including trays, internals, hardware and replacement parts.

Need spares? Get in touch and we can help.


Repairs to specialist distillation and petrochemical equipment are essential and Kirstall engineers can repair any tower or column parts to get your plant working safely and efficiently.