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Installation Services From Kirstall

Installation services form a major part of Kirstall Limited's professional remit. High-profile clients rely on Kirstall time and time again to get the job done right, on time, within budget, and to the highest standard.

Kirstall's relationship with major distallation equipment manufacturers enables it to supply the right products for almost any column. If parts no longer exist, Kirstall Limited can arrange for them to be tailor-made to your exact needs.


From years of experience at the highest level of the refining and petrochemical industry, Kirstall has worked extensively with highly regarded and specialist distillation equipment manufacturers, both in the UK and across the world.

These strong relationships have culminated in Kirstall receiving the backing of these firms to produce parts, such as trays and column internals, to suit every requirement.


As industries and technologies evolve, some specific parts can sometimes fall out of production. Kirstall know that it's not cost-effective to replace an entire towers internals when a simple replacement part is all that's required.

With Kirstall Limited's extensive technical knowledge and network of worldwide partners, Kirstall can create the specific parts you need from scratch. It's just one more reason that Kirstall's dedication to customer service is legendary.


Because of its relationship with leading equipment manufacturers, Kirstall can provide its customers with specialist distillation equipment spares, fulfilling almost any requirement.

This flexible approach to the supply of equipment enables Kirstall to meet customer needs for the critical delivery of trays, internals, spares and hardware both before and during an event.


No refinery or petrochemical plant can afford to work with defective equipment. 
From time to time, repairs to specialist equipment are essential, and Kirstall engineers can repair any aspect of your column to perfect working order, preventing unnecessary downtime or hazardous conditions.

Talk to us about your repair requirements.