Process Nozzle Weld Overlay

Process Nozzle Weld Overlay

Kirstall Limited has recently made a significant investment in equipment to perform semi-automated weld overlay and material thickness restoration of pressure vessel process nozzle connections. 

The equipment allows for the application of a "fully fused" new corrosion resistant alloy weld material to existing nozzles and for the build-up of existing material thickness lost due to corrosion / erosion.

By utilising this new system, we are able to prevent the need for costly nozzle cut out and replacement in the pressure envelope and the subsequent associated testing required in order to maintain vessel insurance and code compliance.

This system is also ideally suited to existing nozzles which are lined with a sheet material and are prone to failure of the lining welds leading to corrosion under the “strip lining” and potential nozzle failure.

The advantage of using our semi-automated weld overlay system is that it allows for the application of a high quality fully fused corrosion barrier, thus prolonging the life span of the nozzle connections. Full nozzle replacement is costly in schedule time, equipment installation and purchase costs. In addition, the use of our semi-automated weld overlay system will minimise disruption to other vessel internal works during a busy turnaround.  Using the same equipment in an alternative configuration, external surfaces of nozzles can also be "built up" to the original pressure thickness where the material surface has suffered from CUI (corrosion under insulation).

For further information on how Kirstall Limited can help with your nozzle corrosion / erosion mitigation issues, please do not hessitate to Contact us.