Proud to have worked with some of the world's biggest petrochemical companies

Kirstall Clients

Kirstall Limited is proud to have worked with some of the world's biggest petrochemical companies.



Here are some of our excellent testimonials - if you would like further information, pease do not hesitate to contact us.

BP Oil Refineria de Castellon – 2012

Dear Mr Lewis,

Let me introduce myself first, I'm the TAR Execution Manager of the Castellon Refinery. I would like to use this email to tell you that you Must feel proud of your Project Manager and his team, the reasons are:

• Big commitment with the Refinery goals.
• A challenging mindset, trying to do his best for the common interests ( bp & Kirstall)
• Good management of his team, safety improvements required during the job,etc...
• Exceptional management of the non-planned works ( material, workforce, response time,etc…)

Thanks for you valuable help!

TAR Execution Manager

Scandinavian Refinery Constructability Review - T/A 2012

“Thanks a lot for your feedback and very good contributions during the T-109 constructability review. We are very pleased with the professionalism and expertise you brought with you for this exercise.”
Turnaround Manager

Sasol Synfuels, Secunda, South Africa – Rectisol Columns 2010

“I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did during the Rectisol fine wash tray replacement project for Sasol Synfuels in Secunda. Quality work was executed safely, professionally, efficiently and on schedule. You are a great bunch of guys and it is a pleasure to work with you. I surely hope that we can build on this relationship in the future.”
Chief Process Technologist

Shell, Stanlow – Unplanned shutdown 2009

“May I take the opportunity to say again how impressed I was with you response to the job and was very satisfied with the support you gave us.”
Lead Engineer

French Refinery – TA 2009

“As you know, Kirstall is the main representative of the green side of the board & your teams can be proud of that. Day after day, your guys show their safety spirit & have integrated it in their work!”
Division Maintenance - Section Mécanique

UK Refinery – C4 TA 2008

“On top of the words the Turnarounds, Majors and Contracts Section Head wrote, I like to express my thanks to you and your team. It was a professional team with good discipline, a good safety mindset, self steering and productive. I would like to thank you for your excellent leadership and hope to work with you and your team again.”
Fawley Site Mechanical Manager

UK Refinery – C4 TA 2008

“Your guys finished with us today, They did a great job on all the towers and other jobs they worked on. During the last few days, the remaining team members were exceptional - not only did they professionally finish of their own jobs, but they picked up a number of critical and finished the work safely and speedily - we were very grateful for this final effort from the team - especially as I know several of them put themselves out personally to finish our job. Please pass on our thanks”
Turnarounds, Majors and Contracts Section Head

Borealis Polymers, Porvoo - 2007

“We have already few times after the TAs "rewarded" best contractor(s) by granting a certificate of excellent performance. The Receivers of this certificate have been selected after the TA by TA management team and project management team (Neste Jacobs & Borealis). The main criteria for the selection are: HSE performance, quality of the work, co-operation, flexibility and commitment on the targets. This time we decided to select two contractors and you are one of them. On behalf of TA team and project team I like to thank you for your excellent work in Porvoo Cracker’s Turnaround 2007.”
Project Manager – Site Services


“During this major turnaround a team from Kirstall carried out the major modifications to PS2 & PV2 crude and vacuum distillation towers.

These large scale modifications, which included the removal of existing and the installation of new internals as well as internal attachments and installation of new shell nozzles. The jobs were critical path on the overhaul plan, and despite an increase in the workscope necessitating the mobilisation of additional resources the work was completed within the turnaround parameters.

The Kirstall team performed in a professional manner in terms of both safety and quality and were totally committed to meeting the objectives which were set at the beginning of the turnaround.

The Kirstall team integrated well with the client Turnaround team and the interface with the other mechanical contractors was first class.

Kirstall's reputation as a tower specialist has been enhanced by their efforts on this event and we look forward to working with them again on the FCC turnaround.”
Turnarounds, Majors and Contracts Section Head

UK Refinery - 2006

“I am writing to you following the successful completion of the Cat/Poly Turnaround here at Fawley.

As you well know, safety is the number one priority across the site, and I want to thank you for your commitment to safety during this event. Your Site Manager, Andy Davies, his Supervisory Team and Technicians, delivered a flawless performance, meeting all of our expectations and, therefore, building a bright future here at Fawley for all of us.

I am enclosing two commemorative photographs of the regenerator head lift, one for you and one for Andy Davies.”
Mechanical & Infrastructure Manager

BP Oil UK Limited, Coryton Refinery - 2006

“Our Fuels TAR is now complete and I thought it appropriate to write to you following this significant occasion in the history of our Refinery. We met before the TAR began so that I could share with you my primary concern as we entered the event – namely safety performance.

I am pleased to report to you that on this particular performance measure we demonstrated dramatic improvements from our Cracking TAR in 2005.

For your support which has contributed to this excellent safety performance I wish to say thank you. We have delivered on the performance measure of greatest concern to me and your company played a significant role in this achievement.

I look forward to our continued relationship, building our safety success and working together to address the other areas.”
Business Unit Leader

TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery - 2005

“I wish to thank Kirstall in the professional manner in which the Distillation Column work was carried out at TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery Overhaul 2005.

There was extensive work both routine inspection which required removal of trays and also Project work requiring both tray removal and replacement with modified trays. This also included new internal tray supports and additional nozzles in some of the distillation columns.
The work was not straight forward with a number of complex technical queries. Total needed to address these queries in many cases through both their process design team and the design manufacturers. This in some of the more complicated Technical queries took some time to answer in a satisfactory manner.

The Kirstall site team were flexible and able to react in a manner which accelerated the work at the work faces that were available, this then allowed Kirstall to increase the manning when the queries were resolved to lessen the impact to the duration.

This was carried out without the need to bring on further resource, which was available if they had been required.”
AMEC Overhaul Manager

Scandinavian Refinery - 2005
Recognition of excellent SHE standard during Slagen Refinery Turnaround 2005

Key criteria for distinction:
- High SHE standard, without injuries.
- High field execution quality.
- Efficiency during work execution.

“We will hereby inform you that we are very satisfied with the work carried out during Slagen Refinery Spring Turnaround 2005. It is our pleasure to send you this recognition for excellent SHE standard during the turnaround. We are in general satisfied with the way the job was carried out and with the fact that the job was completed within the time limits as stated in our progress plans.”
Turnaround Manager